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At Ontario Startup Studio, we're more than a launchpad for businesses; we're architects of entrepreneurial dreams. 

​Ontario Startup Studio

Empowering Innovators
 Crafting Futures

With a commitment to nurturing innovation and a passion for bringing ideas to life, Ontario Startup Studio provide a unique startup ecosystem system where startups don't just grow, they thrive.

From building out our own ideas to empower founders to accelerate their idea realization, we're dedicated to become the launchpad for early stage tech startups in Ontario and Canada.

Our Team Members

With backgrounds spanning across technology, business development, marketing, and more, we are uniquely positioned to provide holistic and customized support. 

Andy Bui

Tech Director

Danny Vu

Technical Lead

Bach Hoang

Product Analyst

Vu Dang

Organization Designer

Jenny Dang


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