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Explore our portfolio, showcasing our expertise in overseeing the entire product lifecycle. Driven by a team rich in experience and knowledge, we excel in elevating startups from inception to market success.

The Portfolio

​Mentoring & training hours




Startup Projects 


Leading the Way with Extensive SUV Program Experience

Leading in startup nurturing, we boast partnerships with top Canadian incubators and unmatched expertise in the Startup Visa program, expertly guiding entrepreneurs to success.

Our Portfolio of Success

An advanced real estate CRM platform, offering solutions for managing client relationships, streamlining transactions, and enhancing lead generation. Integrates seamlessly with business processes for efficient realtor management.


BigShift revolutionizes corporate training with AI-driven, interactive quizzes, customizing education to individual learning styles and needs, thus enhancing engagement and effectiveness in professional development.


PoshSmartHome, a solar energy solutions provider in Canada, offers an integrated platform with a user-friendly app and community forum, partnering with top solar providers. They specialize in personalized solar calculations and tailored installation services, easing the transition to solar power for homes and businesses.

POSH Smarthome

Deficiencee specializes in smart service app management, focusing on smarthome and Restor POS apps. They aim to enhance customer experiences and reduce costs in the US, Canada, and Vietnam, offering advanced, cost-effective technology for better business-customer interactions.


SimpleLegalAI, an innovative legal AI chatbot, specializes in Canadian immigration law, offering instant, accurate advice with user-friendly interaction, revolutionizing access to specialized legal assistance in immigration.


YourTrip, an AI-driven Canadian travel app, specializes in personalized itineraries that immerse travelers in local experiences, showcasing Canada's culture and landscapes uniquely.


Vietgou offers authentic Vietnamese spices, grown eco-friendly, to transform your cuisine with rich, vibrant flavors. Focused on sustainability and health, Vietgou enhances dishes while promoting environmental and personal wellbeing.

VieGou Foods

An AI-driven platform offering round-the-clock support and counselling connections for individuals battling gambling addiction, fostering recovery through technology and community.


Vocado delivers a curated menu of 15-20 northern & southern dishes weekly, made with love & delivered to your door.


Repairo's AI diagnoses any household or vehicle issue, using photos and descriptions to suggest DIY solutions, connect you to local pros, and compare quotes.


Finwise transforms financial management with its intuitive platform, streamlining personal and business finance through AI-driven insights. Users effortlessly navigate budgeting, investments, and savings, optimizing financial decisions for a secure future


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