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Understanding the Start-Up Visa Program: Insights and How OSS Can Assist

The Start-Up Visa (SUV) program has been a critical initiative for Canada, designed to attract innovative foreign entrepreneurs who can contribute to the Canadian economy. The latest evaluation report from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offers a comprehensive look into the program's effectiveness, challenges, and areas for improvement. Here, we delve into key findings from the report and explain how Ontario Startup Studio (OSS) can support entrepreneurs navigating the SUV program.

Key Findings from the SUV Program Evaluation

1. Program Alignment and Relevance

The SUV program aligns well with Canada's economic priorities, focusing on attracting high-potential entrepreneurs to drive innovation and economic growth. It remains relevant amid global trends that emphasize entrepreneur-led growth and the need for advanced technological skills.

2. Economic Benefits

The program has demonstrated significant economic benefits, including job creation and increased income levels among principal applicants. However, the evaluation highlighted gaps in performance data that limit a full understanding of the program's economic impact.

3. Competitiveness and Attractiveness

Canada's SUV program is competitive compared to similar programs globally. Key attractions include the ability to obtain permanent residence and a temporary work permit, which allows entrepreneurs to start their businesses while their applications are processed. Despite these strengths, the program faces challenges like lengthy processing times and application backlogs, which can deter potential applicants.

4. Program Integrity and Challenges

While IRCC has mechanisms to detect problematic applications, there is a need for enhanced investigative capacity and clearer guidelines to ensure program integrity. The peer review process, essential for maintaining standards, requires improvements in transparency and consistency.

5. Support and Integration

The evaluation found that designated entities (DEs) play a crucial role in supporting SUV clients, offering services like mentorship and networking opportunities. However, clients often face challenges in integrating into the Canadian business ecosystem, highlighting the need for additional support.

How OSS Can Help

At Ontario Startup Studio (OSS), we understand the complexities and opportunities presented by the SUV program. Our comprehensive support services are designed to address the challenges identified in the IRCC evaluation and help entrepreneurs succeed in their ventures.

1. Expert Guidance and Mentorship

OSS offers personalized mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. We provide strategic advice on business planning, innovation, and navigating the Canadian market, ensuring your business aligns with the SUV program's objectives.

2. Streamlined Application Support

We assist with every step of the SUV application process, from securing a commitment certificate to preparing for the peer review. Our team helps you compile a robust application that meets all requirements, reducing the risk of delays or rejections.

3. Integration and Networking

OSS facilitates integration into the Canadian business ecosystem through networking events, workshops, and community engagement. We help you build valuable connections with local businesses, investors, and other entrepreneurs.

4. Performance Monitoring and Reporting

To address the program's performance measurement gaps, OSS implements rigorous monitoring and reporting systems. We track your business's progress and economic impact, providing data that can enhance your chances of success and contribute to the overall evaluation of the SUV program.


The Start-Up Visa program is a pivotal initiative for fostering innovation and economic growth in Canada. The recent evaluation by IRCC underscores both the successes and areas needing improvement within the program. At OSS, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs navigate these challenges and leverage the opportunities the SUV program offers.

To learn more about how we can assist with your Start-Up Visa application and business development in Canada, book a consultation with OSS.

Thank you for considering OSS as your partner in this exciting journey. Together, we can turn your innovative ideas into a thriving Canadian business.

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